Timeless Fine Art, Romantic Vibe, Emotional Storytelling

April 4, 2020

I have been in the photography industry for 10 years now. I have a vision and have always been inspired by various fine art and street photographers in the world. For 10 years in photography, spending 6 years of it in the wedding industry, it required me a lot of experience to determine the approach I was looking for. You can see different styles and approach when you look at someone else’s portfolio, and most of the time, you see the common. As for me, looking through my photos, you will be able to see its “heart” it will speak of that very moment. I adapt to any given situation and “bring out beauty” that is already there; capturing photos that show soul and character, that is my objective.

This is my style, my approach. This is how Jexter Jordan will capture your wedding.


Fine Art is a term that you usually hear but hard to define. What is Fine Art by the way?

Fine Art steps further into the realm of ART than DOCUMENTARY.

The images need to have an element of art rather than just capturing. Fine Art stems from unique composition, new perspectives, and having a strong element in photography. It goes beyond displaying the subject. It expresses emotion and feeling behind it.


Fine Art plays into wedding photography wonderfully. Think of it this way, “A WEDDING IS A GRAND TALE OF ROMANCE”. From your beautiful details, your suit and wedding gown, your decor to the fairytale first dance, capturing it artistically to be appreciated as an ART and not just a documentation of an event.

As a fine art wedding photographer, these are well-planned, putting great care into the details of the scene. Still, it’s the emotion that lasts when the day has long past, which makes it TIMELESS.


A great image comes when there is “PERSONALITY” and “CHARACTER”. It’s not just about my personality but also your personality and the vibe of your wedding.

It allows me to narrate the image more. It’s not just images, it’s already a story. This is similar to a photo-journalism. I give the couple SITUATIONS rather than DIRECTIONS to avoid awkwardness. But awkwardness is not bad though because there is a burst of real laughter after it. I suggest something that brings out their true personality. I love capturing those smiles, the quirkiness, all of that makes most precious memories. I love capturing what you’re feeling at the moment and the in-betweens of it.


Stories are very powerful. They grab and hold attention. It makes the images understandable, interesting and memorable. It helps us to relate, connect, unite and form meaning. It is a way of life.

I keep reiterating the story aspect of the couple. That really is the root of it all. My goal is to see the honesty within the photos. No “fake it till you make it!” Your wedding reveals who you are as a person, who you are today, who you aspire to in the future. It reflects your beliefs, values and the way you see yourselves and the world.

I was also a groom once, and do you know how I became a wedding photographer? because i was quite disappointed with our wedding photos. Sad to say, but it’s true. But on a positive note, it became my motivation for me to be the best photographer that I am and be the best photographer who I want to be. I don’t want my couples to happen what I’ve experienced. I always put my best foot forward and let them experience #THEJEXTERJORDANEXPERIENCE. The relationship that I want to build is not just on your wedding day, but a friendship for a lifetime.

I can’t wait to meet you soon and document the memories you will create.

Fine Art Wedding & Destination Photographer

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